Dead Man's Coat by Bert Lee - a novel about one immigrant's journey to the wild west
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Dead Man's Coat

by Bert Lee

A compelling period fiction based on his own family's history, Bert Lee's Dead Man's Coat is the first book of a three volume portrait of America and its people.

Beginning in the early days of the Civil War, through the eyes of a runaway boy fleeing hard times in Ireland, we are witness to a nation divided against itself, and a young man discovering himself.

On his journey from Dublin, by way of New York, then across the western territories, in the company of a memorable cast of characters, he discovers the meaning of friendship, love and sacrifice.

Rich in historical detail, narrated in an honest and colorful voice, Dead Man's Coat offers a glimpse of other times, and yet carries in it the seeds of our own world, our own journeys and the challenge of finding ourselves in troubled times.

Bert Lee, author of Dead Man's Coat

When I began, what I knew of my grandfather's life was the mere outline of an ironic tale. After comparing the many versions of it I was given, I realized that parts of it were mere conjecture, because he was a secretive soul, and because those that passed it down to me had themselves embroidered upon it. Some who have read this have asked, "Is this all true? Did it really happen that way?".

My answer is: "What I have done is to take a little stream of a story, and let my imagination rain on it, until it becomes a river. I invite you to sail on that river and I think you will not regret doing so."

(Author's interview at Big City Folk)

Buy Dead Man's Coat by Bert Lee at Amazon
Buy it now at Amazon, print or Kindle.